Sports Massage

  1. Sports Massage by Sam Saunders
  2. Sports Massage by Sam Saunders
  3. Sports Massage by Sam Saunders

As I’m sure you are aware stiff and aching muscles can inhibit movement; they put strain on joints and create a feeling of discomfort, stress and tension in the body.
The emphasis of a sports massage is to use stronger and deeper techniques to penetrate into the layers of muscles releasing these patterns of tension.

The benefits of a Sports Massage include:
  • Improving circulation of blood and lymph fluid in order to eliminate toxins
  • Encourage the take up of oxygen and nutrients to encourage quicker recovery
  • Stretching muscles that you cannot stretch on your own to release areas of tension & pressure.
  • The break down of old scar tissue to increase flexiblity to and reduce the chance of further injurys.  
  • Relaxation - Despite the intersity of the massage most clients find it strangly relaxing and theraputic.
This deep form of massage is excellent for:
  • Sports injuries
  • People who train regularly
  • Muscular problems
  • AND anybody that enjoy a deeper/ stronger form of massage
After suffering an injury to my neck last year my physio said I would always have pain when I moved my head. That was until I started having regular sports massages with Sam. I now only have occasional stiffness and twinges in the muscles around my neck and upper back. Sam manages my injury brilliantly, keeping pain and muscle spasms at bay Thank you Sam. Sarah
From Sam I always receive a fantastic sports massage. I often have painful shoulders and upper back and after her treatments I am able to do all my sporting activities painlessly.   Stasha
More Testimonials
In just 3 sessions, Sam brought a painful arm back to life after a long standing muscle complaint in my left bicep. For about a year I hadn’t been able to use it or reach behind my back without pain.  Now, I’m doing some challenging yoga moves that I couldn’t tackle a few months ago and it’s all thanks to Sam’s caring and skilled treatment. Highly recommended. So thanks Sam, from me, my arm and the rest of me. Claudia